Ferimex Tropi-Co s.r.l.
via Mazzini, 114
20851 Lissone MB Italy
t. +39 039 484357
f. +39 039 485218

about Ferimex..

In 1986 Ferdinando and Paola Bianchi founded Ferimex Tropi-co Srl, a trading company focused on Central and Western African emerging markets.

The company offers a wide range of top quality and high valuable Italian products as well as a selection of Chinese and Indian manufactured items, perfectly fit to any African economical and institutional entity with a perspective for investment. During the years, the company developed many partnerships with Italian companies to enter new markets that would have been otherwise difficult to approach.

The company is steadily built on the Bianchi family’s decennial experience.
Isidoro Bianchi’s vision and perseverance led to starting his industrial business in the Western African area early in the 60s creating a wood working plant in Ivory Coast with over 1,000 employees. Gruppo Bianchi features managerial expertise and good knowledge of Africa with a business branching out to wood and aluminium sectors, distribution, logistics and catering in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. This is a legacy that Ferimex Tropi-co shares with Small and Middle Sized Companies by providing assistance to create or expand their business in fast growing areas. The company can work as a partner of Italian and multinational corporations in different trade sectors to bring companies to international levels and enter new markets, as consultancy for investment projects, analysis and setup of commercial and industrial businesses in Western Africa.  

Ferimex Tropi-co is based in Lissone, close to Milan. The company has offices in China, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Cameroun.



Ferimex’s vision involves a common growth together with African emerging markets to share and contribute to the ongoing economical and social changes in the countries where the company works.



This is an accessible goal to Ferimex reached by focusing on suppliers and clients’ satisfaction and developing long-term partnerships with positive economic and social outcomes on local communities.