Ferimex Tropi-Co s.r.l.
via Mazzini, 114
20851 Lissone MB Italy
t. +39 039 484357
f. +39 039 485218

Group’s strength



Knowing the territory, infrastructures, procedures and processing steps often difficult to understand assures cost-effective shipments by using the most appropriate export solutions.
In addition, the company offers assistance and brokering services as to shipment and documents compliance with the customs requirements of the destination country.



Unlike many agents and exporters offering an ordinary commercial brokerage, our company directly purchases the goods from suppliers taking on the business risks and directly managing its commercial policy.
We also provide information retrieval, market survey and contact with first-time African clients: this allows our clients to be confident and face the market with a reliable partner.



The analysis and development required to place new products in West African markets involve knowing the local setting and having a firm network of contacts. Ferimex Tropi-co provides the required expertise to offer assistance and carry out actual and reliable market analysis.



A wide database of products and suppliers is Ferimex’s strength. It includes many classified items both to bulk and retail sale. This enables the company to timely and precisely provide large supplies of containers with the most different items from different suppliers as well as small quantities arranged in groupage or by airfreight.
Thus, our clients can better organise shipments, reduce costs and rely on a personal service tailored on their specific needs.